Oglethorpe Leadership Institute

OLI is a four level, self-paced leadership endorsement program open to all students. Level 1, Self, explores personal foundations of leadership to enhance self-awareness. Level 2, Team, focuses on applying the self-awareness learned in year one to relationships that will ultimately heighten abilities to work collaboratively. Level 3, Community, applies systems thinking and the knowledge gained in previous levels to facilitate change in real-world issues. Level 4, Career, examines how leadership is practiced in one’s chosen professional field. This is a not-for-course-credit opportunity. 
Students who complete each Level will earn a leadership endorsement on their co-curricular transcript . Students can begin the program at any point during their time at Oglethorpe and work at their own pace.

Institute Format and Applications

Levels 1 and 3 take place over the course of the spring semester.
Levels 2 and 4 take place over the course of the fall semester.

Participants must re-apply for each level with applications due by the second Friday of classes at 5:00pm. Applications can be found under the Forms section at connect.oglethorpe.edu/organization/OLI after signing in with your OUConnect login information.

Institute Selection Criteria and Minimum Expectations

All students in good standing in regards to student conduct as well as having a 2.5 GPA (or greater) are eligible to apply for OLI. Emphasis for selection into the program will be placed on effort given on the application submitted by the student and less so on prior leadership experience.

It is expected that students are absent no more than once during each Level’s 6 meeting sessions throughout the semester. Additional absence may require the student to restart the Level the following year.

To learn more, please view the OLI Brochure.