Global Medical Brigades

President – Gracie Gallegos (

Advisor – Larry Schall (

Global Brigades at Oglethorpe University is a secular, international student-operated volunteer organization whose mission is to provide sustainable development to under-served communities throughout the world.  It will offer one Brigade Program: Medical. Along with affiliate groups at other distinguished universities, our Oglethorpe University team recruits student volunteers and professionals, gathers supplies, and then travel overseas to set up free medical and dental clinics in a variety of under-served Honduran, Panamanian, Nicaraguan, and Ghanaian communities.

Our current emphasis is to help the impoverished communities of Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, and Ghana in collaboration with one of their country’s most highly regarded nonprofits, Sociedad Amigos de los Niños, led by Sister Maria Rosa Leggol, a recent nominee of the Nobel Peace Prize.