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Do YOU have what it takes?

Commitment. Passion. Vision. 

These are but a few of the characteristics we’re searching for on campus this year to help launch Oglethorpe’s newest media outlet, The Storm. Beginning Fall 2016, The Storm founders will be recruiting a passionate team of students dedicated to bringing the news to Oglethorpe. This will be The Storm’s first year on campus. As such, we are on a quest to find students that have what it takes to pioneer the future and vision of The Storm.

The Storm: Taking Oglethorpe Radio wherever you go

The Storm is a student-run podcast in which segments and topics chosen for discussion will be based on the interest of our community. The podcast will be available for download on smart phones and computers so everyone in the Oglethorpe community can catch up on the latest news and events virtually anywhere.

We invite anyone interested in joining our new team to fill out a short application below. If you have a topic or specific beat that you would like to work with please let us know!


Oglethorpe University has a rich history in the radio/broadcasting industry. In 1931, Oglethorpe’s first radio station was established as WJTL, and for many years the station was dedicated to the broadcast of educational programming designed for the public to take additional instruction on various University subjects. In 1935, WJTL was purchased by a private organization and moved to downtown Atlanta. The call letters were changed to WATL at this time and is still in existence today, as a television channel. The goal of The Storm is to bring back that dedication and re-create a radio station that anyone can listen to, at any time.

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