Fraternities & Sororities

Go Greek!

Greek membership can help make the transition into college life easier and more enjoyable for students. Fraternities and sororities offer a support system to members through close friendships and opportunities for on-campus involvement. Joining a fraternity or sorority can help greatly broaden a student’s social network and connect the student to the university in more ways than just attending classes. In fact, students who choose to go Greek are 20% more likely to graduate in four years than those who do not. For most fraternity and sorority members, their brothers and sisters become the closest friends they will ever have, throughout college and beyond.

The Greek community at Oglethorpe University has a long, rich history. Since the 1850s, Oglethorpe students have chosen to become life-long members of fraternities and sororities because of the opportunities and experiences that these organizations provide.

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